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KRS Mobile APP Guide


1. Follow this link to download our app from google play store :

2. Follow the download and installation process

3. After installation wait for the app to load. As a new user click signup

4. As an existing user locate KRS app on your screen and click, wait for the app to load and sign into the app with your email address, password and PIN.

5. You can always request for your PIN and login details if you forget all the time

6. After you must have signed in, Create/update your resume by following the process.

7. Insert/Change Profile picture

8. Upload new or updated CV

9. View current vacancies

10. Scroll to the right to view details of vacancies.

11. Scroll down the detailed view to apply if you wish by clicking on CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW, otherwise go back to view other vacancies you may wish to apply for.

12. When you have applied you receive the message Job application successful.
13. Help us to improve the app by making a donation so we can continue to keep your CV online and live to improve your chance of getting employed.

14. Don’t forget to share our app with your friend so they can jet placed quickly and easily too.

15. Contact us for information, suggestion as to improvements or to load your company vacancies.

16. Read our terms and conditions before you leave.

17. Click the dropdown to logout.

Thank you for your time as you logout.