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Background Check Services

We provide a range of background check services that ensure our clients are fully confident of the personalities …

Do you want to unveil the truth about every claim?

In a recent survey, it was estimated that over 56% of claims made by employee of a certain organisation was false. This brings to fore, the need to know the real truth about not only your empoyees but also claims made by business partners etc.

Fortunately most business can prevent mis-fit hiring and reduce potential issues that could affect your business if they performed due diligence by conducing background verification.

Want A Smarter Approach to Background Check and Verification?

Regardless of the size of your business, from small,medium to big businesses, we have a smarter approach to helping you cone type of background verification your business needs. For the past 24years, we have been driven by speed, efficiency, quality and we bring this same experience to help our clients prevent damages that may arrive due to failed process.

Our Background Check Services include:

  • Educational/Credential Verification : We carry out educational background check from elementary level to tertiary level. This includes validating results from FSLC, SSCE, WAEC, NECO, BSC.
  • Professional Certification Verification : With a strategic alliance from different professional bodies in Nigeria and all over the world, we can verify professional certificates in half the time our competitors will take to conduct their checks.
  • Previous Employer Check: We verify that the guarantor provided by employee actually exists and we check all information provided by the employee about the guarantor.
  • Personal Reference Check: A personal reference check is someone who knows a candidate and can vouch for the candidate. We will confirm how long they have know the candiates, what exactly their relationship are and if they are in the known about been supplied as a reference.
  • Fraudulent Claims Verification.
  • Address Confirmation Report: KRS can confirm any address in any part of Nigeria. We have office in all the regions of the country.

All our verification processes are usually concluded within 3-5 business day.